Art Hop NDG will host an event in August introduce artists and hand out Artist’s Kits, Press Releases, and other promotional materials.  

    1. The Artist’s Kit will contain 10 printed “passports” which includes maps of the circuit for distributing to their visitors.
    2. The portion of the participation fee not used for Art Hop expenses will be donated to the NDG Food Depot.
    3. The Art Hop will create the event on social media, and will prepare and distribute a Press Release to various Montreal News Media


      1. The Artist promises to be present in their studio or presentation space for the entire time of the event.
      2. The Artist will provide NDG Art Hop a short Artist's statement including their medium, the address of their studio, and 2 (jpg) images of their work for the purpose of advertising and promoting the event:
      3. The Artist will use the Art Hop logo on all promotion materials and advertisements.
      4. The Artist will promote the event and all its participating partners to the best of their abilities.
      5. The Artist will collect the name and contact information of each visitor for an opportunity to win a prize from our many sponsors.


      1. Documentation on promotion, procedures, and safety
      2. Art Hop Passports (includes maps of three areas)
      3. Contract
      4. Materials to make signs and banners